2000-2019 Women Empowerment

The primary objective of this project is to organize the rural women towards utilising their human and community resources collectively with the goal of attaining individual and community development.

Microfinance - SHG members with officer

2005-2019 Women Empowerment

Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam has started the Micro Financing for Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 2005 because the year 2005 is celebrated as the International Year for Micro Credit.

De-Addiction Centre - Counselling

2006-2019 Society Wellbeing Govt. Funded

The de-addiction centre SHAKTHI DE-ADDICTION CENTRE was started. The De-addiction centre project was funded by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, New Delhi (Sanction Letter No. P.11013/355/2015/DP III) through the recommendation of the Department of Social Defence, Chennai.

1998-2017 Youth Enrichment

The goal of the Youth Development programme is to bring out the potential that is already there in the youth. This programme has provided youth both career guidance and additional counselling to improve their characteristics and help them achieve their goals.

India-60 - Recipient of Service

2006-2011 Elder Care Free Service

The year 2006 marks the 60th year of Independence for India. Hence, Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam decided to start the project INDIA-60 commemorating this milestone by caring for the senior citizens who are at least 60 years old.

eegan Scholar - India Recipiennt

2008-2011 Children Education Scholarship

EEGAN SCHOLAR-INDIA is a project with an objective to educate the needy children of India who cannot not afford their higher education due to poverty. Without financial assistance, there is no chance for these children to pursue their higher education, thereby their dreams.

1992-2008 Children Welfare Govt. Funded

The eradication of child labour has always been a concern for the Indian Government. Due to their growing concern, the Government of India started the National Child Labour Project, in an effort to provide education to those children who were working instead of studying in school.

1994-2008 Children Welfare Free Service

VETHATHIRI GURUKULAM, an orphanage for destitute female children was started in 1994. The aim was to accept girls who are at least three years old and provide them with the basic necessities of shelter, food, clothing and sound education.

Shakthi 2007 - Women Engaged in Tailoring

2007-2008 Women Empowerment

SHAKTHI 2007 is an income generation activity for women. The goal of this project is to break the cycle of poverty experienced by women who work in the "beedi" rolling industry of Tamil Nadu.

2007-2008 Medical Service Govt. Funded

The purpose of the Ambulance Service is to reduce maternal and neo-natal mortality.