De-Addiction Centre Information

Since 2019 Society Wellbeing

Tenkasi block in Tamil Nadu is an area where large portion of the population lives below the poverty line. Most of the people are agricultural laborers. Their income is very low and they live in poor environments, as well as in poor economic conditions. The population also suffers from low literacy rates and a lack of awareness of social conditions. Due to this, they fall prey to the evils of drugs and alcohol and spend most of their income on alcohol.

Nowadays, using drugs is also prevalent among students which spoils their education and career. The harassment of women, poor living conditions, and deterioration of the health of the family can all be attributed to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam decided that it is vital to create awareness by a method of preventive education and establishing a treatment and rehabilitation Centre in the Tenkasi block to wipe out the evil of addiction to alcohol and drugs. In 2001, the awareness project was started and in 2019, the de-addiction centre SAI SHAKTHI DE-ADDICTION CENTRE was started.

Services provided by the project are:

  • Alcohol recovery
  • Yoga, Meditation
  • Panchakarma treatment
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Individual and Family Counselling

Some of the features of the project during the financial year 2019-2020 were:

  • 30 beds are present in the Centre
  • 12 mobile screening camps have been conducted
  • 360 in-patients were successfully treated
  • Apart from medicines, counselling and yoga therapy are given to the addicts to increase the rate of cure
  • More than 60 beneficiaries were given work place support for rehabilitation purpose
  • Awareness and motivation building training is being given to youth, Self Help Group (SHG) members and labourers in 50 Places
  • 12 Family Therapy Residential Camp for patients’ spouses were conducted