Sri Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Sai Prayer Hall

Since 2014 Spiritual Service

Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam has built SRI TENKASI SHIRDI VAIDYA SAI PRAYER HALL for the benefit of the patients in the de-addiction centre.

The patients are involved in the prayer hall activities. These activities help the patients to channelize their attention in a more productive way and to improve their concentration. This is the therapy that Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam implements to reduce the addictive behaviour of the patients and to bring out their talents.

Sri Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Sai Prayer Hall is dedicated to the spiritual master Sai Baba of Shirdi. Even though the prayer hall has been built, predominantly, for the betterment of the patients in the de-addiction centre, over time, it has gained popularity amongst the devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba and is attracting the devotees from near and far.

Registration Certificate issued by Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (Food Safety Wing)

Corona: Darshan Cancelled

Government of Tamil Nadu has declared Corona virus as a disastrous infection and taking safety precautions and preventive measures to curtail the spread of infection. Following the government initiative, in pursuit of the public interest, in order to prevent people gathering, devotees darshan has been cancelled from April 26, 2021 (Monday) onwards at Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Saibaba temple that is located near Mangamma Salai/Road.

Sai devotees are requested to extend their cooperation by not visiting the temple until further notice.

Aaratis and poojas to Baba will take place as usual at the temple.

- Temple Management