eegan Scholar - India Recipient

2008-2011 Children Education Scholarship

EEGAN SCHOLAR-INDIA is a project with an objective to educate the needy children of India who cannot not afford their higher education due to poverty. Without financial assistance, there is no chance for these children to pursue their higher education, thereby their dreams.

The project is aimed at providing educational assistance by means of scholarships to bright and able students in India who come from low income families and who cannot otherwise afford higher education to get their degree or diploma.

Typically, the family income of these students is below INR 5,000 per month. Most of the parents usually work in the fields or work in cottage industries such as match factory or work in small scale businesses such as hotel. Due to poverty, the family cannot afford higher education for their children. Even if they do, they borrow money for educating their children, thereby, pushing the family into further hardship.