Senior Citizens' Bhojan - Serving lunch

Since 2018 Adult Care Free Service

The project SAI SAMBHOJAN aims at providing mid-day meals to the Senior Citizens who are at least 60 years old.

Most of the families who live in and around Tenkasi work in fields or work in cottage industries, and are below the poverty line. In order to make their ends meet, they have to work all day long. This forces them to be not able to take care of the Senior Citizens in their houses. In order to take care of these Senior Citizens, the mid-day meals scheme was started.

This scheme has been running since April 1, 2018.

It costs INR 2,000 (Two Thousand Indian Rupees) to feed 100 Senior Citizens per day.

During the year 2019-2020, around 32,000 meals were served through from this scheme.

Registration Certificate issued by Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (Food Safety Wing)