Magazine - March 2020 issue front cover

Since 2010 Public Awareness

Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam is publishing a monthly magazine called SAMUTHAYA VIZHIPPUNARVU SHAKTHI SUDAR (சமுதாய விழிப்புணர்வு சக்தி சுடர்) in Tamil (தமிழ்) to create awareness among public in all fields.

The magazine has been registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India, New Delhi - Registration No. TNTAM/2010/33675.

Published by:
Dr. M. Arivazhagan on behalf of Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam
Published from:
306, Kalakodi Street, Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu 627 811
Printed by:
Mr. K. Sundaram at Sundaram Press, 122, Swamy Sannathi, Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu 627 811
Dr. M. Arivazhagan

The organization has also registered the magazine with the Postal Department to post on the 13th of every month at the Head Post Office, Tenkasi. Postal Registration No. KOL/012/2019-2021. This magazine has a circulation of around 4,000 copies per month.

Due to the lock-down and curfew enforced by the Government of Tamil Nadu to contain the COVID-19 pandemic situation, all the non-essential services have been closed since March 24, 2020. Hence, the magazine has NOT been published for the months of April 2020, May 2020, June 2020, and July 2020. This situation would continue until the government lifts the curfew.