1998-2017 Youth Enrichment

The goal of the Youth Development programme is to bring out the potential that is already there in the youth. This programme has provided youth both career guidance and additional counselling to improve their characteristics and help them achieve their goals.

As of now, the Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam  has undertaken and conducted 41 state level youth leadership residential camps at its campus. The attendance at these camps has been stellar and so far more than 7,000 young men and women have benefited from them.

The camps include simplified physical exercises, meditation, analysis of the mind, and physical labour. The participants are taught skills to increase positive thinking, group dynamics, leadership qualities, and goal setting. In addition, they are also taught how to read better, face problems, manage time, manage energy, and the overall importance of life and parents.

 A quote from a former student: 

Rejuvenating! Even years after the youth development camp, I can vividly remember our classes, participate and learn activities and most of all, friends that I met. I got to meet students from different walks of life. The camp was truly a personality development workshop. The lecturers and guest speakers were witty in delivering their message and made each hour of the camp interesting. The organizers made sure that every student at the camp was engaged through the whole workshop irrespective of their age. I would highly recommend attending this camp.